Super Stars

Super Stars is a comprehensive prevention program for elementary-age at risk children. These children live in an environment that is notably poor in economic resources while high in alcohol and drug abuse. Most are from single parent homes in which the parent (mother in most cases) was either a teen parent
or a high school drop out or both. The Super Stars program strives to expose
these children to positive, alternative life-choices, with a variety of activities...field
trips, guest speakers, tutoring help and involvement in community projects.
Participation by the children's parent(s) is encouraged, as well as participation by
businesses and organizations from within our community: including law enforcement,
civic and fraternal organizations, the recreation department, school systems, public
& private colleges,  as well as universities and churches. The goal of Super Stars
program is to expose these children to as many resources as possible. Resources
that will enable them to pursue a life that does not involve substance abuse and its
related ills. Our success with the Super Stars arises from our expectations , we
expect the children to be responsible , we recognize that achievement and we involve our community in acknowledging the efforts each child is making. With the support of our community, we can continue to make the Super Stars program a reality in neighborhoods through out our counties. As the recipient of a grant from the Region 8 MHMRSA Board, the Oconee Prevention Resource Council has initiated Super Stars programs in Hancock, Jasper, Putnam, Washington, and Wilkinson counties as well as Baldwin.

A Team- Academics, Accomplishments, Attitudes

                                         An exciting opportunity for middle school age youth in Baldwin, Hancock, Jasper, 
                                         Putnam, Washington and Wilkinson counties to experience belonging to a positive peer 
                                         group. Utilizing a wide variety of resources, these young people will have hands on
                                         opportunities to explore their cultural heritage, renew their knowledge of the dangers of
                                         substance abuse and participate in the service learning concept.  The primary focus area will
                                         be that of providing a positive, support/learning environment for an at-risk portion of our
                                         middle school populations.  Helping them bond to a drug-free community whose norms are
                                         that of the general population. Reinforcing positive life-style behaviors, through learning and
                                         experiencing; providing times and places for parents to be involved in this process;
                                         identifying and helping with academic road blocks..each of these designed to minimize the
                                         known rick factors. In each of these counties there are Super Stars programs already in existence. The very first recruits for the A Team will be graduates of the Super Stars, those who have finished elementary school and moved on to the middle school environment.

"We can not always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future."
                                                                  Franklin D. Roosevelt